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In a canteen, the office workers are discussing about the problem that one of their friends is having.

A: l'm worried about Roberto. He's gambling again. He's been betting a lot on European football games.
B: Has he lost much money?
A: Well, he says __11__, but who knows if that's true or not.
C: Last year he lost several thousand dollars.
D: l remember. And then he had to borrow money from his family to pay his bills. ___12__ ?
C: Well, it's his problem. We've talked to him many times about it.
    __13__ at least. L hope he doesn't lose again.
A: He's souch a good guy. L wish he would stop gambling. But __14__ until he really loses a lot.
    IT sounds bad today, but, it would be the best thing for him, l think.
B: Do you think his family will help  hime again if he does lose a lot?
D: l doubt it. It's happened so many times and they've helped hime so many times.
    Last time, ___15___ of the problem if he did it again.
C: Sometimes it takes tough love to help someone.
A: You can say that again.
B: Well, let's just hope for the best.

Choose the best answer.

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