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People around the country are calling for action to stop global warming on Earth Day. They are making their voices heard by sending the attached postcard to their elected officials, asking them to support the Clean Energy Agenda. This agenda encourages the transition to more efficient and renewable energy sources in order to combat climate change and protect human health.

For this Earth Day clean energy agenda, a rapid transition energy efficiency and renewable energy will curb global warning and protect our health, air, water, wildlife and economy. People are urged to endorse this agenda and work to achieve :

Clean power : Switch to clean, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

Clean air : Clean up dirty, inefficient coal-fired power plants.

Clean cars: Require production of cleaner, high mileage vehicles, hold SUVs to the same standard as cars, and encourage the rapid introduction of advanced technology vehicles.

Clean investments: Stop subsidizing the coal, oil, and nuclear industries, and dramatically expand investment in energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy.

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