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In a social studies class, the teacher and her students are discussing andexchanging their ideas and opinions about the study of decentralization.

A: Well, I’d like somebody in this class to read this question for me, please?
B: I’ll do it. ‘Why do you think people should decentralize from Bangkok?’
A: Right, ‘Why do you think people should decentralize from Bangkok?’ The word ‘decentralize’:
    What do you think the word ‘decentralize’ means?  Walai,       (11)        ? It’s a tough one.
B: Um, when people move out of Bangkok to live somewhere else.
A: That’s right. Move out of Bangkok. Good girl.
C: Move out of Bangkok to live in different provinces.
A: And when people have to decentralize,            (12)            , or even their specific purposes.
    Do you agree with that?
B: Yes. We may have to focus on their family members like their children.
C: Right, I’m also thinking about their social economic status as well as their children’s education.
                (13)           , isn’t it?
D: Yeah.
A: Now, who could just quickly put up their hands and tell me one reason
    why they think people might decentralize from Bangkok?           (14)           .
B: Well, because of higher rental payment and inflation.
C: Exactly. As a matter of fact, decentralization is a serious situation for most lay people
    when making this decision.
A: So,              (15)            . There are a lot more answers besides social economic status, education,
    family needs, and I’d like all of you to complete this discussion within this period.

Choose the best answer.


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