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        When asked about the future of TV and of video on the internet, people reveal profound differences in attitudes based on age groups, We asked people ages 12-64 if they agreed with two statements about the future of TV and competition with the computer for entertainment time. When asked whether they agreed that “the computer increasingly competes with the TV for my entertainment time,” 29% of people said they agreed or strongly agreed with the statement. Males overall agreed at a slightly higher rate than females, and, importantly when looking at future trends, the younger generation of 18-to-24-year-olds was considerably more focused on the computer as competition for the TV; 36% agreed vs. 29% for the total population. Only 25% of 35-to 44-year-olds said the computer competes with the TV for entertainment. When we asked consumers if the internet represents “the future” of video viewing, the group that agreed most strongly was the 18-to-24 group with 28% of men agreeing and 20% of women. Clearly, the 18-to-24 population is leading the way in adopting new paradigms for entertainment..

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