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ANYTHING TO ANYWHERE, a unique shipping company, is celebrating its 21st year of service to business and individuals throughout the Phoenix, metropolitan area. What keeps this company growing and going? The proven ability to perform as advertised, taking the care and worry out of packaging, crating and shipping small, medium and large items across the country or around the world. What makes us different? Our knowledge and skill in maximizing protection during shipping.

With 21 years of experience, ANNYTHING TO ANYWHERE is the one professional company many prestigious firms use when quality and care are aclled for to ship fine merchandise. Our many services include packaging and shipping.

- fine furniture and antiques
- heirlooms and other household items
- fragile, bulky, heavy or exceptionally large items
- art work and sculpture in need of TLC
- cross-country moves to small for movers to handle

In celebration of our 21st ANNIVERSARY, we have a special gift for you --special rates, Just metion this letter when you call (480-649-0080) and ask for our special Anniversary Price. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
We even accept MasterCard and Visa. Just remember: By land, sea, or air, we ship

How is Anything to Anywhere celebrating its 21st  anniversary?

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