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       Children with agressive behavior can be helped in two ways: with prevention and by treating the symptoms as the agression occurs.

        Preventing behavior before it emerges requires good parenting. By staying in control of their emotions, not using force, using creative ways to solve problems and speaking in a kind, soft  tone, parents can provide positive examples for their children. If parents cannot do this, it will be difficult for children to learn good behavior, Another preventive measure is to make the family atmosphere warm relaxed, and secure. In this sort of environment, the children will grow up to be contented adults, in control of their emotions.

          Not only do parents need to set an example but they have to each their children how to express their unhappy feelings appropriately. Children must learn to consider other people's feelings. Cooling down anger by counting from one to ten, practicing breathing excercises, learning how to forgive or praising good behavior are several ways they can be taught.

          Correcting a child's behavior is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of determination, effort and consistency. However, it is worth all the effort.

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